Everyday, every second, we see and hear things that remind us of different times in our lives, different people, different events.

20140617-183813-67093474.jpgWhen I see a father kiss his son, I am reminded how much I miss my father…

When I see an old couple walking hand in hand, I’m reminded of my grandparents…

When I see love and admiration on someone’s face, I think of all the times I have seen that or felt that in my life.

Songs in particular, remind us of different people, or certain feelings, and while some songs may make you feel all warm and fuzzy, others have you rushing madly for the OFF switch on the radio!

Some of mine include…

What songs mean what to you?

Or what is the hardest thing for you to look at and not be taken back to a place that you remember with perfect clarity?

Memories are what we take will us everywhere we go, in everything we do.

Perhaps that is why I enjoy horse riding so much, because for the 60 or so minutes everyday on my horse, I am not thinking about the past or even the future, and I can just be PRESENT!

They say only a surfer knows the feeling, but I think a horse rider has a fair idea :)!

Horses also have memories, and will never forget being treated unfairly, or with force!

I wondered if the horse, when in total concentration with his rider, can also block out the world, and I believe this to be absolutely true.

Someone tried to tell me that a horse doesn’t remember, that if you do the perfect flying change, and then stop after the diagonal and give him a sugar lump (my treat of choice) he will not recognise that the reward was for the change.

20140617-183812-67092708.jpgHow come then, after just two times of doing this, my horse new to stop immediately after a good change and turn his head round to receive his sweet reward, but after a bad change he knew not to bother?

Stare into the eyes of your horse, and ask yourself if he remembers you, the eyes never lie.

The same as with the people we let into our lives 🙂

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