Warneyswhip Classical Riding Polos

Wouldn’t it be great if you could ride out everyday in something that represents the way you feel about riding? Well, Warney’s Whip recently teamed up with Polish design team True Rider, and set out to design a comfortable and cool range of riding polo tops, that support classical dressage and a happy horse!
I really appreciated the True Rider philosophy, and their range of clothing is of the highest quality, made from the finest cotton, that gives the rider lasting comfort, and with the classical quote, a polo to wear with pride!
To kick off this four part series, designed by the talented graphic artist team E-questrianart, we are releasing a set of two polo tops, in navy and grey, each with a unique classical riding quote from my work.
Alternatively you may choose your favourite and select just a single riding polo, but of course buying the set gives you a discount :).
To add to the benefit of this purchase, a 1 Euro donation from every polo sold will be given to a selection of non-profit horse rescue charities from different parts of the world.

If you read my articles on my blog, or my classical series on Eurodressage, and if you have somehow benefited from something that I have written, please support us, and support classical training, and a horse that is happy to see his rider, and a rider who loves his horse!
Click here to make your pre purchase at True Rider...Hurry pre-orders available until end of September!!11928784_852417321502665_613507325_o-2


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  1. what is this password thingamajig?


  2. Ack, I don’t know which size to order! I cannot find any sizing information on the True Rider website. I have big shoulders but a small…ahem…chest. 🙂


  3. Ack, I don’t know what size to order! Can’t find any sizing info on the True Rider website. I have big shoulders and a small…ahem…chest. 🙂


  4. Hey I’d love to buy a couple of these. I’m in Ontario, Canada. Are they available from any suppliers in Canada?


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